Thursday, February 6, 2014


(Name Changed to Protect Privacy)

It was snowing again. So I hit the streets to pass out socks. 

While walking around I was perpetually flanked by windows displaying a plethora of Valentine's Day decorations way too soon.

As the evening rush hour started to crowd the streets I spotted Felix tucked under a tarp trying to stay warm.

This is his story.

Felix has been on the streets for about two years. When I asked him why he was homeless he responded, “It’s a long story but basically I am here sitting in the cold because of a broken heart. I’ll give you the short version”.

His longtime companion was complaining of chest pains one evening. He figured it was just due to aging so he didn’t think much of it. When he woke up the next morning his partner was on the bedroom floor dead from a heart attack.

Felix lost his soul mate and the love of his life. His heart was shattered by the event as expected.

For several months Felix was so distraught that he couldn’t gather up the energy to go to work, eat, or get out of bed. Eventually he lost the apartment they had shared for two decades, his job and as Felix said “I just gave up”.

Felix is a handsome man with soulful eyes and a bright smile. As I was listening to his story it was palpable that he still carries the weight of sadness from losing the love of his life. Recovery will be a lifetime journey.

I cannot add much to this story. Heartbreak is universal and knows no bounds.

I think it is pretty safe to say that most people have experienced some sort of heartbreak during their life. Some people are luckier than others that they have what it takes to work through the depression others struggle every day and sometimes lose the battle.

While you shop for gifts this Valentine’s Day try to remember Felix. Hold your loved ones tight for we only have today and we never know what tomorrow may bring.

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